Puppy Deposit Policy 


A Non-refundable deposit of $500-$1500 (depending on the final price) will reserve your puppy until he/she is ready to go home. The deposit amount goes towards the balance of the puppy.  Vom Haus Eames reserves the right to select the first choice of pup(s) to hold back for the furthering of our program. You will be placed on our puppy pick list in the order in which your deposit has been paid. 

Our Advanced Puppy Deposits are $250 before the puppies are born and the other $250 is due when the puppies are born. The advanced puppy deposit will add your name to our puppy pick list in the order in which it is received. We currently accept between 3 to 5 early deposits as we cannot predict or guarantee a certain amount of puppies being born or there gender. We will however return any advanced litter deposits if for any reason the expected litter is not born when stated.                              

*Refunds only apply to the advanced puppy deposits*

  PRICE RANGE: $2,300-$5,500+  (depending on sire/dam and training level)    

There is a $500 price difference between Limited AKC and Full AKC Registration 

Processing Fees Apply

Processing Fees Apply

Puppy Deposit